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Let BitMaple introduce you to the powerful cloud solutions offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). We provide ongoing management needs or one-time setup implementations specifically tailored to your needs.

We delivered world class training to make your staff self-sufficient. Our faculties are AWS professional certified with years of cloud experience specially on AWS. They don’t leave any stone unturned by sharing their real time working experience and strategy to get certified .

Your Own Cloud Partner

All the capabilities you need to migrate into Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at your fingertips with BitMaple , an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. With just a few clicks, your migration begins and you’ll see your applications start in AWS within minutes. The remaining data transfers seamlessly in the background while the application runs smoothly.

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High Availability High-availability clustering provides failover resiliency and zero downtime during scheduled maintenance. Real-Time Scalability In place expansion when users are presented with increased resource needs, even when unanticipated, without sacrificing performance.
Fully Managed Proactive monitoring of server metrics allows for active preventative measures, solutions, and/or recommendations prior to any downtime. Private Resources Private, dedicated resources and zero impact from other users. This gives clients complete security and isolation.
Multiple Backups Full backups and a 30-day retention schedule are included. We can also provide online non-blocking backups for databases. Migration Support Services Free migration services included with all our plans. We will replicate your services, move all your files and databases, and configure services for optimum performance.
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BitMaple for AWS Certification need :

  1. Results-Oriented Study Methodology:BitMaple’s Virtual courses can be done from anywhere and at anytime. The study methodology is tailored to suit requirements of your staff professionals and ensures that team members master the concepts required to be success on AWS cloud platform.

  2. AWS Pro-Certified Trainer: Our trainers are AWS professional certified with years of real time cloud implementation experience . They share cloud best practice , broad IT knowledge and case study to make sure clear adoption of all concept.
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  3. Free Full length Simulated Practice Tests: BitMaple with WhizLab offers free full-length Simulated Practice Tests with training registration. This is the closest you can get to the official AWS Exam. One Practice Test is available completely free.
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  4. Step by guidance to become AWS Certified: BitMaple provide free study plan and step wise study guide to help to become AWS certified. Our instructor will available to answer any question and work with you in each step until you get your certification.
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Our Global Services

BitMaple solution simplifies and accelerates your entire process, giving you the freedom to complete your migration to AWS with ease, and freeing you to return to other IT priorities quicker.

  • Professional Services: BitMaple provides end-to-end business hosting and infrastructure consulting services so that you can achieve the best results from your technology investment. Production benchmarking and periodic server stability checks for mission critical workloads are examples of services we can offload from your team.
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  • BCP and DR Planning:Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) are important preventative measures to secure your business and operations from unplanned physical or natural disasters.
    AWS DR

  • DevOps: DevOps is an innovation automating Operations and Development tasks. DevOps is a culture that can be adopted by Infrastructure Operations and Development teams to standardize deployments.
    AWS DevOps

Infrastructure Management

Data center infrastructure management and proactive support services. Installation and management of software and services. Server health checks, fixed response and resolution times.

We help you from selecting the appropriate AWS service based on your specific requirements to ongoing monitoring and management, we provide end-to-end managed AWS support.The dynamic scalability of AWS is cloud computing in its truest form. Our expertise can help you scale your platform instantaneously, no matter when you need it.Our AWS billing and administration is at best. Take the headache out of computing costs with our monthly re-bill, delivered as one clear and concise invoice.

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